Before Cleaning the Gutters

Now that it’s spring, you should be gearing up for that chore everyone loves, cleaning the gutters. It’s not just a matter of setting up a ladder and grabbing a trash bag. Make the gutter cleaning process a bit easier on yourself: take the time to prepare before you begin.


When cleaning the gutters safety first; safety always. Don’t risk injury when it can be prevented. Necessary safety precautions include:

  • using the right kind of ladder – do you need one with an extension? what is its maximum weight capacity?
  • checking the ladder for loose hardware, worn rungs and broken parts
  • having someone hold the ladder while you are on it – even if the ladder is level and it feels secure
  • moving the ladder instead of overreaching

Dress for Success

Gutter cleaning is a dirty job. Ensure you are dressed properly for the task at hand by wearing:

  • protective eyewear/safety goggles
  • work or rubber gloves
  • shoes with rubber soles
  • long sleeves

Home Exterior

Get your home exterior ready for when you clean the gutters by:

  • closing all windows and doors
  • turning off the power to any nearby outdoor outlets
  • covering any outlets with plastic if the power can’t be turned off
  • removing anything such as the barbeque grill, bicycles, etc. that might be sprayed by water and/or gunk
  • wrapping plants, trees or shrubs in a protective tarp


Start at the top: plan on cleaning the roof first. If you don’t, accumulated debris from the roof will end up in your freshly cleaned gutters.