DIY Gutter Installation Pros and Cons

Whether you’re a homeowner who is a skilled handyman or you have a friend who promises to help you with your gutter installation, doing it yourself can save you the cost of hiring a contractor. However, no matter how confident you feel or how prepared you are, the unexpected might happen, leaving you with mixed results. Take the following pros and cons into consideration before attempting to install your own gutters.

DIY Gutter Installation Pros

You’ll save money on materials and per-hour labour costs.

You will have more options. You can browse in a home improvement or hardware outlet until you find the gutters material, parts, accessories and exact color you want. Since a professional contractor’s supplier list is more limited than big box stores, often you’ll have access to a wider-range of products, at reasonable prices.

No special equipment is needed.

You dictate when and how the installation will be done.

DIY Gutter Installation Cons

It can be dangerous. Safety issues include: falling off the ladder; overreaching/overbalancing; and improper lifting and bending leading to strained muscles and/or bruising.

A gutter installation requires some detailed mathematics. You will need to calculate: how many lineal feet of gutters you will need; the proper pitch; and the number of downspouts. It can get complicated, depending on the configuration of the roof and how big the house is.

There are no warranties. When a professional exterior finishing company does the installation, typically products and services are guaranteed, as stipulated in the contract both you and the contractor will sign before the work begins.

You are on your own. It will be your responsibility to apply for any required permits or to recycle old materials and haul them away. You will also be liable for any injuries you or any of your helpers incur.