How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Part 1 Cosmetic

You know it’s true; you only get one chance to make a great first impression. The same principle applies to your home’s exterior. It might not look bad, but even if the trim needs a touch-up or you need to rethink the landscaping, it can make your home look a bit rundown. You can make some cosmetic home improvements that can really make a difference to your curb appeal. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Paint is Highly Underrated

It’s not hard to forget about the trim around the windows and front door, especially if you have siding or a brick or stone exterior. But dingy trim or shutters past their prime can have an adverse effect on your home’s appearance. Just by doing minor repairs to window and door frames – replacing rotting wood and then following up with a paint brush – you can breathe new life into the front of your house. If the home exterior is wood, plan on painting it every seven to ten years to keep it fresh looking.

Open Sesame!

It’s no exaggeration; you can immediately change the overall look of your home by replacing the front door. If it has become outdated, a security risk (too much glass) or is not energy-efficient, buying a new door can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve the exterior. It can also make your home safer and warmer.


Plant a tree for shade or a row of shrubs on one side of your property – not only will it improve the appearance of your front yard, it can create a little more privacy. Select plants designed to increase curb appeal; flowering ones will have the most visual impact. For a dramatic effect, consider using lava rock instead of mulch (mulch needs replacing every few years): lava rocks are low maintenance, add colour and can reduce the presence of weeds.

Don’t have the space or time for more formal flower beds? Container gardens or hanging baskets can create attractive seasonal focal points. You might not be a fan of pink flamingos or garden gnomes, but a garden bench by the front door or a small table and chairs set placed on the lawn says “Welcome.”


Adding lights to either side of the front door can enhance your home’s entrance. Any type of lighting such as carriage lamps or an overhead fixture can help to discourage burglars. Solar lights along a path or integrated into the landscaping can define the space, making it appealing and attractive.

If you want to improve your home exterior and its curb appeal, a little ingenuity and creativity can go a long way. By making some simple cosmetic exterior improvements, you can increase the value of your home.