Best Type of Downspout Extension for Your Home

Downspouts are an integral part of the gutter system; they direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. When runoff drains too close to the house, it can create a number of serious problems such as a shifting foundation, a flooded… Read More »

Downspout Solutions

Downspouts are extended pipes designed to drain rainwater away from the house, preventing water damage to the siding, windows, doors, or foundation. Do your downpipes emit water too close to the front steps? Is rainwater pooling underneath the downspout? Does… Read More »

Downspouts are Part of the Gutter System Too

While gutters often get overlooked until they start to overflow, downspouts might arguably be the most neglected part of the gutter system. But downpipes play an important role in providing adequate drainage for the roofing system and protecting a home… Read More »

When and Where to Install Gutter Accessories

Gutter accessories are used for a number of reasons such as increasing functionality and protecting a home’s exterior from water damage. Gutter guards, splash blocks and flexible downspouts are just a few accessories for the gutters that are popular with… Read More »

Is the Downspout Installed Properly?

Downspouts, like gutters, are designed to manage rainwater. But they only work the way they should if they were installed accurately in the first place. Use these tips to check the installation quality of each downspout in your gutter system.… Read More »

Reasons for a Hinged Downspout

Sometimes homeowners forget that downspouts are the rock stars of any gutter system. While gutters channel water from the roof, the downspout diverts water away from the foundation of your home. But if the downpipes extend into an area where… Read More »

Gutters after a Windstorm

The last few days have been pretty stormy, with high winds and heavy rainfalls. Your gutters can take a beating. Use this checklist to make sure that the gutter system has weathered this storm and is ready for anything else… Read More »

Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

If you are expecting trick-or-treaters tomorrow night, you’ve probably already hung pumpkin lights from the gutters and put out all of the Halloween decorations. But is your property kid-proof? These safety tips for homeowners will help you make Halloween fun… Read More »