Flood-Proofing Your Basement

A flooded basement can be a homeowner’s nightmare. Potential problems range from loss of household goods to ongoing structural issues to other effects of water damage including mold growth. Whether a home is near a body of water or uphill… Read More »

How Important is Downspout Placement?

Downspouts are designed to safely guide water from the gutters to the ground and away from a house’s foundation. A gutter system doesn’t just need downpipes; downspouts should be properly placed in order for the gutters to function optimally. When… Read More »

Do You Need a Downspout Extender?

Rainwater expelled from downspouts should be deposited a minimum of five feet away from the foundation of your home. When it’s too close for comfort, especially if the water pools or is left standing, serious water damage could develop. Using… Read More »